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A. Welcome

I'll introduce some of my works including research, publications, articles and projects here on my home page.

B. Biography

I did my B.Sc. in Electronics Engineering at "Shiraz University". Later I did my M.Sc and Ph.D degrees in computer science field at Universiti Sains Malaysia (one of the three major research universities in the country).

For my PhD, I worked on the modelling and simulation of big and dense crowds (case studies on Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, big supermarkets, stadiums, underground railway stations). I mostly focued on models for movement and also behaviors of the individual pedestrians in the crowd. Behaviors of the individual humans would then result in the emergent behavior of the crowd. I also did some work on the modeling and simulation of human emotions.

In addition to my previous research, I am now working on applications of pattern recognition (e.g. in the simulation and modelling, data mining and computer vision).

C. Papers, Writings

I have had several papers in computers and electronics fields. I have listed a few of them in Publications page. You can also see my C.V. for a listing of job experiences.

D. Research Interests

  • Distributed and Parallel Modelling and Simulation
  • Multi-Agent Models and Crowd Simulation
  • Machine Learning and Data Mining
  • Software Engineering and Distributed Software
I am a member of "IEEE Computer Society", "IEEE Computational Intelligence Society" and ACM.

E. Awards

I won best computer science thesis award for my M.Sc. thesis (2008) from school of computer sciences in USM (awarded at 2009). I also hold a postgraduate fellowship from USM for my PhD studies.

F. Teaching

Being a teacher's son (my dear mother, has been my teacher in school) I have always loved teaching. I taught different network and programming courses in the early years of my career. I also served as a teaching assistant for different computer science courses in USM. I am currently teaching different postgraduate and undergraduate courses in different universities.

G. Contact Information

I appreciate your comments. Please find contact information in contact page.

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